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So many of our clients speak of sadness or depression, fears, racing thoughts, lack of focus, anxiety for no reason, and poor quality sleep. These things seem to me to be the bane of modern existence. Why are we so jangled; why can’t we rest? Why does it seem we were so much more alive and fearless in years gone by? There’s so much going on around us that self-driven recovery and growth gets pushed aside for another time.


Since 2005, I have been helping mature and young adults through difficult life passages, including family and relationship issues, disability, divorce or affairs, improving communication, stress, assertiveness issues, depression, self-understanding, and desire for deep change.

Sessions are meant to be relaxing overall but to stimulate and hasten change, growth, and recovery, no matter the problem. I work hard to get to know you as best I can, through taking a holistic perspective on the facts of your life (this is basically what Total Context Therapy is about).  It may interest you to know that I don’t think of what we do here as directly “helping” you. I really believe that it’s much more useful to show you how to help yourself. You are your best doctor. People sometimes say to me, “I know you don’t mean to help me exactly, but what you said last week, (or that message you left me, or that thing you suggested I say to someone) really did.” What I say in response is “Well, you considered what we discussed and you made it work for you.” After all, therapy doesn’t need to last forever, and the idea behind it is that you feel better today as well as in a lasting, sustainable way that you create for yourself.

Comprehensive Psychological Assessments

I provide comprehensive psychological testing and reporting to government, private institutions, families and individuals. Our testing battery includes measures of intelligence, (WRIT, K-BIT and more), personality (MMPI-2, the Millon), cognitive testing, neurological functioning, vocational aptitude and interest, mood, residual capacity/disability, diagnosis, and more. My reports are thorough, detailed, and designed to provide recommendations and clinical conclusions that are practical and easy to understand. psychopathology, substance abuse and many more. 

House-call Psychologist

As a visiting psychologist, i provide in-home treatment for individuals who cannot easily leave their place of residence.

Concierge Psychology

As one of the very few concierge psychologists in the region, I provide in-home and telephonic sessions as well as emergency consultations to individuals and families who do not want or need typical in-office sessions on a weekly basis. Concierge psychology accounts for those special situations where a family needs a trusted confidante, or an individual needs support for sobriety, or a public figure cannot make office visits without raising eyebrows. Other situations include persons with special concerns regarding marital relationships or other highly stressful circumstances that call for attention above and beyond regular office hours. Concierge services are provided on a retainer-based fee system and as such are not billed to insurance.

Representation:  Public Relations Psychology

As a public relations psychologist, I help industry solve problems that block success, productivity, and happiness at work. What I do is different from an EAP (employee assistant program), which is private counseling for an individual, done outside of the office, and provided as part of the employee’s insurance benefit. What I do is work with groups or individuals in a company with what is happening between them. Say there are two or more people in a department that are constantly bickering. I am a trained mediator, and I use these skills to facilitate a workable peace treaty between the parties, so everyone can get back to work. Or say there is a death among staff. Entire companies can become depressed, or stressed, or worried or even angry when something terrible happens to one of the team. I apply techniques used in bereavement therapy to help people accept the loss and honor the memory of their colleague in positive ways. I have also been called upon to work with the narcissistic coworker, who ruins everyone’s day with his/her oblivious acts of selfishness. Further, if you or someone you work with is struggling to say something in writing, I can help you. One of my mottos is that anything that needs saying can be said… you just have to find the right words. And sometimes, the written word says it best!  

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